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Top Mounted U channel Tempered Glass Railing Frameless design
Add Time:2019-03-03
Top Mounted U channel Tempered Glass Railing Frameless design

Top Mounted U channel Tempered Glass Railing Frameless design

For the picture design specification

Usage: for all position

Mounted: Top /side mounted /embedded mounted

1.Handrail: Without handrail-Frameless design 

2.Glass:12-20mm tempered single/lamininted Clear glass

3.U channel top mounted with mirror stainless cladding.

Following is Customized specification.

Size of  Railing Length customized as your job site
Height 900/1067mm, can customized
Material Handrail stainless steel / carbon steel / solid wood / PVC/aluminum
Baluster/post stainless steel / carbon steel / aluminum
Rod stainless steel / carbon steel / aluminum
Component & Size (mm) Handrail Round dia=50.8mm,42.4mm,38mm  square=50*50mm;40*40mm , 40*60,etc
Baluster/Post dia=42.4/50.8/ 38mm or square=50*50/40*40mm,etc
Rod/Wire Wire cable :dia=4/6/8mm Rod bar: Dia=8mm solid rod bar;Hollow=8/12/12.7mm
Glass 10 , 12,15mm thickness etc
6+1.52+6mm/8+1.52+8mm/10+1.52+10 laminated glass etc
Finish Stainless steel Brushed/mirror/ satin /polish
Carbon steel hot galvanizing/powder coating/painting
Aluminum powder coating/ galvanized/ oxidize
Solid wood painted
Glass Clear/frosted/tinted/black/blue etc
Mounted Baluster/Railing/Handrail All can top mounted, side mounted,and under mounted

Other U channel design:

A- Top Mounted U channel Glass railing

B-Side mounted U channel Glass railing

C-Embedded mounted U channel Glass railing

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